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The Kaufman Organization is a three-generation, family-owned and operated New York-based real estate company active in ownership of commercial and residential property, office leasing, management and acquisitions, with a portfolio of approximately 6 million square feet. Drawing upon a century of experience, the Kaufman Organization divisions work fluidly with each other to ensure maximized value for their partners, tenants, and clients. Kaufman Management Company LLC, Kaufman Leasing Company LLC, and Kaufman New Ventures LLC are comprised of a strong team of professionals that provide complete brokerage services, third-party property management, acquisition advisory and asset management services to institutional clients.

Keeping fuel costs to a minimum across an entire portfolio of buildings while maintaining tenant comfort was no easy task for Mr. Charles Reid, Director Of Operations and Maintenance for The Kaufman Organization. Often in the winter, buildings would be overheated with boilers operating over a weekend or weeknight. Daytime outdoor air temperature would reach 70 plus degrees yet the heating plant would still be operating, delivering heat to an already overheated building.

If a tenant complained of being cold the superintendent would manually override the limited Heat Timing Device to force heat to the entire building. Overheated Tenants would open windows because indoor temperatures were sweltering. Mr. Reid decided it was necessary to install an energy management system that would bring control to over 40 buildings from a central point.
After investigating several systems, Mr. Reid found only one company that addressed all his requirements. PEPCO Controls was selected because our engineers and technicians are exerts in how heating systems work and the diverse power of the DELTA Controls system.
Several gas heated buildings in the portfolio qualified for cash rebates that helped lower the Return On Investment.

Connecting 40 Buildings via Wide Area Network presented no problem for the DELTA System . It was clear that not only could the entire portfolio be networked but the system was limitless in what it could do. Gas Leak Detection and Carbon Monoxide Sensors were recently installed in every boiler room along with House Tank Temperatures sensors that were easily added to the system.
• Fuel Saving across the portfolio exceed 21.92%
• Typical Return On Investment in under 2 years
• Several buildings qualified for CON-ED Gas Rebates
• Control of CON-ED Steam Valves
• Control of Vacuum Steam System
• Over 1,000 Wireless Temperature Sensors
• Web Based Color Graphics
• House Tank Water Level Control
• Separate Nights and Weekends Time Schedules
• Holiday Shut Down Schedule for Office Buildings
• Zone Valves Control
• Password Protected
• Alarms are E-mailed direct to management
• Historical Trending and XY Trend Plot
• Eliminated all heat timing devices
• Card Access Controls
• 24/7/365 Service Contract
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