25 Central Park West

The sister of the Majestic apartment building several blocks to the north on Central Park West, the Century is one of the masterpieces of developer Irwin S. Chanin, who also built the great 56-story Chanin Building on East 42nd Street and many famous theaters around Times Square such as the Roxy, the Biltmore and the Majestic.

The building heating plant was converted from city steam to a central boiler plant in 1997. The plant consists of (3) 500 HP Federal Boilers and is Duel Fuel.

PEPCO installed the ENERGUARD™ system that controls the automatic Start, Stop, Lead Lag and Fuel/Air Modulation of the boilers.

Six (6) Zone Valves regulate the heat through out different parts of the building. The ENERGUARD™ controls the valve modulation to each zone using feedback from wireless temperature sensors placed inside tenant apartments.

The Resident Manager sets the zone temperature from a PC and monitors the temperature through out the day and night via a web browser. A weather station on the roof of the building tracks wind speed, wind direction, RH% and Outdoor Air Temperature. On high windy cold days the Resident Manger increases space temperature settings in the zone most impacted by severe weather conditions.

This has reduced tenant complaints and reduced fuel consumption in excess of 20%.

• Fuel Savings 20% Plus
• Control (6) 8″ Steam Valves
• Control MEPCO Vari-Vac System
• Apartment Temperatures
• Control (3) 500 HP Boilers
• Domestic Hot Water Monitored
• Weather Station installed on Roof
• Web Based Color Graphics
• Password Protected
• Alarms\Exception Reports
• P.C. Color Graphics
• Historical Trending
• XY Trend Plot Of All Variables

Each year the system is expanded to include additional mechanical equipment in the building including Gas Booster Pump, Stack Induced Fan System, Sump Pump Overfill, Leak Detection, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Gas Leak Detection and Vacuum Steam Control.

Further expansion of the system will include Card Access and Lighting Control.

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