825 Fifth Avenue
One of the handsomest residential buildings on Fifth Avenue, this 23-story tower was erected in 1927 and its tall, red-tiled, hipped roof has since been a key element on the Central Park skyline.

The building is heated using Con-Ed Steam. The steam enters the building in the basement and is distributed thru zones valves to the North, East and South West side wings of the building. The ENERGUARD was installed in 2004 to replace 3 HEAT-TIMER controllers. The ENERGUARD monitors and controls each of the 3 riser zone valves using 5 wireless space temperature sensors placed in the living room of the residents above in each riser zone valve.
PEPCO implemented a wireless temperature control strategy that eliminated the large temperature swings associated with their aging control system and greatly improved tenant comfort.
Wireless temperature sensors transmit the space temperatures to the ENERGUARD located in the basement. When 3 of the 5 sensors report the temperature is below the desired set point the ENERGUARD commands the Zone Valve to “open”. The valve remains open until the 3 out of the 5 temperature sensors report they are above the set point and the zone valve is commanded “closed” thereby maintaining precise temperature in each zone of the building.

This control strategy is a great improvement over the old HEAT-TIMER control system because large temperature swings associated with the older type control system have been eliminated and the building temperature is more even and tenants are more comfortable. Before the installation of the ENERGUARD tenants would run air conditioning in the winter because the building was so over heated.

The Resident Manager uses his Personal Computer to monitor and view tenants apartment temperatures and view zone valve operation using easy to understand Color Graphics.
• Reduced Fuel Cost by 18%
• Control 3 CON-ED Steam Valves
• 8 High Powered Repeaters
• 15 Wireless Temperature Sensors
• Domestic Hot Water Monitored
• PC With Color Graphics
• Inter-Net Connection
• Password Protected
• Alarms\Exception Reports
• P.C. Color Graphics
• Historical Trending
• XY Trend Plot Of All Variables
• Return On Investment under 2 years
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