Ranger Management
Ranger Management is a privately-owned real estate management company that owns and operates a portfolio of multi-family residential apartment buildings located throughout the New York area. Buildings range in size from 6-unit Apartment Buildings (converted Brownstones) to 100 family, mixed-use commercial and multi-family apartment buildings.
In an effort to reduce energy costs and take control of the entire portfolio of properties, Ranger Management investigated HEAT-COMPUTER products manufactured by various companies such as: HEAT-TIMER, ENTECH Boiler Controls and US ENERGY. Ranger Management selected PEPCO to furnish and install the HEAT-MASTER product in all of its facilities.
Because PEPCO’S HEAT-MASTER product is powered by DELTA Controls, the decision was easy to select PEPCO. DELTA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Building and Energy Management systems with a partner network that operates in over 80 countries. With technology changing rapidly, Ranger Management was satisfied that using DELTA in the design and manufacture of the HEAT-MASTER ensured that the systems could be serviced and supported for years to come. DELTA is non-proprietary and is BACnet.
Furthermore, PEPCO took care of all the paperwork involved in securing cash rebates from CON ED for all buildings that are heated with natural gas. Rebates ranged from:
• $2,000 for 10-19 units
• $4,000 for 20-40 units
• $8,000 for 41-99 units
• $12,000 for 100+ units
Using DELTA’s web-based entelliWEB cloud-based software allows Ranger’s managers, superintendents and staff to monitor every aspect of the heating plant in each building including:
• Apartment Temperatures ( Wired and Wireless)
• Flame Failure (Alarm)
• Low Water Cut Off (Alarm)
• Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Leaks
• Water Leak Detection (Alarm)
• Building Electric, Gas and Water Usage
• Boiler Steam Pressure (Alarm)
• Domestic Hot Water Temperature (Alarm)
• Zone Valves, HX & Pumps
• Gas Booster Pump (Alarm)
• Vari-Vac Pump Control
• AC Controls
• Outdoor Temperature from National Weather
• Elevator Failure Alarm
• Supply & Exhaust Fan Monitoring & Control
• 25 Buildings
• $60,000 CON ED Cash Rebate
• 77,030 Gas Therm Saved
• 1.8 Year Return On Investment
• 24/7/365 Service and Support
• Alarms\Exception Reports
• P.C. Color Graphics
• Historical Trending
• Cloud Monitoring
Ready to gain control over your building’s systems, prevent damage from leaks, save money and conserve energy?

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