New York Police Department (NYPD)
The NYPD Headquarters and Command Center (NYPD) is hosted in the iconic 1 Police Plaza Building. The seat of Command-and-Control Operations, NYPD Headquarters represents the nerve center of security operations for New York City. The uninterrupted operations of this command center is vital to maintaining the safety and security of the city’s residents and visitors.
When the NYPD sought to protect their 24/7/365 Operations Command Center and its critical electronic infrastructure from the potentially catastrophic effects of water leaks, they turned to PEPCO, the leader in leak detection technology.
The NYPD Command Center at 1 Police Plaza is a high-stakes environment where any disruption can have far-reaching consequences. Given the critical nature of the command center’s operations, the NYPD required a highly reliable and effective solution to prevent water damage that could potentially cripple their operations.
Located at 1 Police Plaza is the Real Time Crime Center, an anti-crime computer network which is essentially a large search engine and data warehouse operated by detectives to assist officers in the field with their investigations. The Major Case Squad and the Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU) are also located at 1 Police Plaza. Undetected water leaks could result in significant damage to electronic infrastructure, causing operational downtime and compromising the safety and security of New York City.
1. Advanced Leak Detection Technology: PEPCO Controls deployed cutting-edge sensors capable of detecting even the smallest water leaks, ensuring that any potential issues were identified and addressed before they could escalate into significant problems
2. Real-Time Monitoring: The system implemented by PEPCO Controls offered continuous, real-time monitoring of the entire facility. This 24/7 surveillance ensures that any water leaks are detected immediately, allowing for swift response and remediation.
3. Integration with Existing Infrastructure: The solution was seamlessly integrated with the NYPD’s existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption during installation and providing a unified platform for facility management.
Since the installation of PEPCO Controls’ leak detection system, the NYPD has benefited from enhanced protection of their command center and critical electronic infrastructure.
Key outcomes include:
Zero Downtime: The NYPD Command Center now has protection against interrupted operations, thanks to the early detection and swift response to potential water leaks.
Cost Savings: By preventing water damage to expensive electronic equipment, the NYPD will save significant costs associated with repairs and replacements.
Increased Confidence: The implementation of a reliable leak detection system has given the NYPD greater confidence in the security and safety of their command center, allowing them to focus on their primary mission; Protecting our great City!
The partnership between the NYPD and PEPCO Controls highlights the importance of proactive measures in protecting critical infrastructure. By choosing PEPCO Controls for their leak detection needs, the NYPD ensured that their command center at 1 Police Plaza remains secure and operational at all times. This case study underscores PEPCO Controls’ commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that safeguard vital operations and infrastructure, affirming our position as the first name in leak detection.
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