Triboro Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (formerly known as Daughters of Jacob Nursing Home) is a 515 bed acute care facility located in the heart of the Bronx. The facility was originally a religious home and had not been significantly upgraded in more than 40 years. As soon as the financially troubled facility joined the Centers Healthcare family in 2013, its transformation to a premiere facility began. Improvements to the physical plant and operational upgrades were the first priority.
PEPCO was engaged to design a state-of-the-art DELTA Energy Management System to upgrade/replace the existing 75 year old pneumatic controls (which had fallen into complete disrepair) in lieu of ripping and replacing the entire heating/cooling plant – which was estimated to cost well over $4MM.
The building is heated with two 500 HP Scotch Marine Boilers and cooled using two 350 ton Steam Absorbers with a 4 cell rooftop cooling tower. The perimeter of the building is heated/cooled using hot/chill water delivered to individual room FCUs. Additionally, there are 20 AHUs that feed the common areas. Each AHU is heated with steam having 1 Pre-Heat Coil and 1 Re-heat coil and cooled with 1 Chill water valve. The AHU’s are 100% fresh air.

All the steam and chill water valves were pneumatically operated and over 75 years old. Each was stuck in the OPEN position. Space heating and cooling was impossible to regulate and much of the building was overheated. In conjunction with installing the new DELTA Energy Management System, PEPCO replaced all the existing steam and chill water valves throughout the facility with new BELIMO electronic modulating valves. To achieve precise control of the building temperatures PEPCO installed 60 wireless space temperature sensors – the feedback used to regulate water temperatures leaving the plant.

The DELTA system was completely customized for the project and included over 500 points. Installation including valve replacement took just under 5 months.

Project cost was $507,530 turnkey. The building received a $200,374 CON ED Gas Rebate after applying the 20% annual energy savings of 100,187 Therms. The NET Return On Investment is just under 3 years.

Additionally the entire physical plant is remotely monitored and managed by PEPCO. Hi/lo temperatures, boiler, chiller and pump alarms are directed to management and PEPCO via e-mail and text messaging.
• $507,530 Project Turn-Key
• $200,000 CON ED Cash Rebate
• 100,000 Gas Therm Saved
• 2.8 Year Return On Investment
• Furnish and Install (60) valves
• Control 19 AHU’s
• 60 Inovonic Wireless Temperature Sensors
• 5 DELTA Control Panels
• Control (2) 500 HP Boilers
• Domestic Hot Water Controlled & Monitored
• Weather Station installed on Roof
• Web Based Color Graphics
• Password Protected
• Alarms\Exception Reports
• P.C. Color Graphics
• Historical Trending
Further expansion of the system includes the installation of new Variable Speed Drives (“VSD”) for the hot water, chilled water, condenser water pumps and cooling tower fans that will achieve substantial reduction in the building KW. PEPCO has filed for a separate rebate for the VSD’s.
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