The Carlton Regency

The Carlton Regency is Murray Hill’s finest white-glove co-op building spanning the entire block of Lexington Avenue between 36th and 37th Streets, The Carlton Regency is Murray Hill’s most luxurious co-op building. The south tower was built as a rental apartment building in 1966, and the north tower, connected by a beautiful landscaped corridor, was completed in 1974. The Carlton Regency was converted to a co-op in 1979.

Aging Piping infrastructure combined with nearly 60 year old PTAC and Fan Coil Units plague this building with water leaks requiring tenants to be relocated so Parkay wood floors can be replaced, new paint and in severe cases multiple apartments are affected and mold re-mediation is required before tenants can return to their apartments.

In summer months tenants flock to the Hampton’s and Jersey Shore sometimes for weeks at a time leaving the AC running with no one home. Clogged condensate drip lines back up and it’s not until water drips from the ceiling to the floor below before the leaks are detected. And the problem worsens every year.

Managed by FirstService Residential, VP and Property Manager Aubrey Phillibert was seeking a low cost Water Leak Detection System to provide early warning of a water leak in unoccupied apartments. With over 600 Apartments, each having 2 or 3 PTAC’s or FCU’s that needed to be monitored several companies were interviewed. WiFi and Cellular systems were not considered at all due to spotty WiFi coverage in the building and high cost of monthly Cellular.

Only PEPCO Detection (“PDC”) could meet the challenge of providing a fully wireless affordable solution.
To help reduce installation costs PDC trained in-house Carlton Regency engineering staff to install the sensors. PDC staff was on-site to assist in commissioning the system. Any PTAC, FCU or Pipe that leaks, the PDC system transmits an alarm to management in real time. The precise location and time of the leak are transmitted in a text and e-mail message to the building engineering staff.

PDC also installed a small touchscreen monitor at the Concierge desk that provides access to the system and provides a low beeping sound indicating an alarm.

Another feature of the installed RF Wireless Infrastructure is other sensors can br wirelessly monitored including Natural Gas, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Motion and Temperature.

New Water Leak Detection Sensors will be added that will include the Laundry Rooms. In Winter 2021 new water leak sensors were installed in the Mechanical Rooms.
• Over 1,000 Wireless Sensors installed
• Reduced Insurance Premiums
• Easily expandable
• 10 Year Battery Life
• Cloud Monitoring
• BACnet Integration to Building BMS
• Low Battery Warning Message
• Web Based Alarms Management
• Password Protected
• Alarms are Texted and E-mailed directly to Management
• Unlimited Historical Trending
• 24/7/365 Service Contract
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